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As the service is not meeting in our Centres, we are unable to carry out outings as such.  However, on 29 May we did a concert on the Green of the Lennox Estate in the heart of the sheltered houses and we were joined by Songs on Wheels for a great sing song.

We also gave out 38 Expressions of Kindness gifts, they were toiletries and freshly made scones with jam.

We think the singing and the sunshine along with the gifts raised the moods of those watching and it was a very enjoyable day.









This year we are going by coach to Eastbourne in July, which has been funded with a grant from Esso and we are looking forward to a great day out.

Kings and Queens will be held on 1 September 2018 in the Marquee on the Green in Danebury Avenue.  Free tickets are available from Regenerate-RISE, The Platt Centre, 22 Felsham Road, SW15 1DA.  We are looking forward to a great afternoon.









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