We aim to connect with the isolated elderly

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Decades before Central Park was even a concept, Seneca Village began to grow into a tight-knit settlement of African-American and Irish landowners. Centered near the current west side of Central Park at 85th Street, Seneca Village was an example of a self-sufficient, middle-class minority community that happened to stand in the way of city planners and the wealthiest New York families.

Each room will have an en suite bathroom, TV, telephone and computer access with skype for those who have relatives abroad or the other end of the country and each in-patient will be allocated a volunteer/friend who will take them out and also continue to visit them when they return home. The Centre will be staffed with professional people all who will assist older people to be able to live back in the community.

Speculation surrounds the origins of the name with some citing Senegal as being the place where many Africans came from at the time. The small town was also commonly referred to as Yorkville but was predominantly known as Seneca Village.

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