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August 19th, 2013

There is no longer a project in Sheffield







Sheffield entry

August 19th, 2013


We were very privileged to be able to work in Sheffield with the Salvation Army and are still looking for a new partner to work alongside.  We are very grateful to the Evan Cornish Foundation and the Sheffield Trust for giving us the funding to initiate RISE Sheffield and wish  to express our gratitude to all those who were involved in supporting the project.  If anyone would like to work with us in Sheffield again, or give us a grant to start up again – we would love to hear from you.

Outings entry

August 19th, 2013
All our projects go on outings regularly using our 12 seater minibuses.  We consider it is important for people to see the surrounding countryside, places of interest and have new and educational experiences.

Clients from SW15 enjoy joining Hillsong every Sunday for the 4 pm service at   G-live in Guildford, Surrey and enjoy mixing with the children and young people from a large vibrant Church.  We also enjoy the occasional take away!



We recently attended the Dover House Singers concert at St Mary’s Church which was almost at full capacity.  Thank you so much to the choir for raising funds for our new Reablement Centre – we always enjoy the concerts.  The next one is on Saturday, 14 December 2019 in the presence of the Mayor of Wandsworth, Councillor Jane Cooper.


5 members enjoyed the Tea Dance at the Town Hall on Sunday, 20 October to celebrate Silver Sunday.  It was a great treat to watch such good dancers using the Civic Suite to the full.  We enjoyed the tea and cake and were grateful for the opportunity to go out.










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August 19th, 2013
Events at Regenerate-RISE

Violet celebrated her 102nd birthday with her friends at RISE SW15 in the presence of the Mayor of Wandsworth.  Violet regularly attends the Centre with her daughter Sue, who is her main carer, and her son-in-law Mike.  To celebrate Sue as “Carer of the Year” we took her to see Motown the Musical in the West End as a treat and we really enjoyed it.

Mary for 35 years has sold poppies in Putney and to say thank you to her, we took her to the Savoy Hotel for afternoon tea to celebrate.  Her daughter-in-law accompanied her and it was a real treat when they sang Happy Birthday to her – despite the fact that it wasn’t her birthday, not sure how that happened!

Michael won our Fundraiser of the Year award and we took him to Mercedes World and the Brooklands Museum.  He loves cars and really enjoyed his day.

The members were treated to this experiences through a grant from Cosyfeet – to enable members dreams to come true and it has been an occasion that they will never forget.















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August 19th, 2013



[Title]Shine Again

[Text]SHINE Again was initiated in 2002 by Mo Smith and Dee Thwaites in 2001 and Dee, a qualified Child Psychotherapist provides integrative art therapy to children and young people who have been through difficult or traumatic experiences.  SHINE Again receives an Extended Schools Grant to work in 8 primary schools across SW15 in London.




[Title]Livability UK  Vision

[Text]Our vision is of a transformed society where disabled and disadvantaged people can live life to the full.  Mission: Inspired by our Christian ethos, we work with disabled and disadvantaged people to achieve real choice, independence and opportunity. We do this through our expertise, the breadth and quality of our services and by campaigning for change.

[Image]Hillsong logo

[Title] Hillsong

[Text]Regenerate-RISE is the local impact project for Hillsong and we work together to “Be the Change” in our local communities by providing practical help and support to older people.






[Title] The feel Good Bakery

[Text]Regenerate-RISE is supporting the Feel Good Bakery, who deliver sandwiches to the local community.  For every sandwich sold, a child is provided with a meal in Romania or Kenya – their website is




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August 19th, 2013

Referrals across the UK

IMG_0448“Although I was nervous about going out, I was really glad when Regenerate-RISE invited me to attend their Centre.  I have made so many new friends” – an Ealing client.  “I am so glad my Doctor referred me to you, I have never looked back” – a SW15 client.  “We love the activities, the outings and the lunches – it is so good not to have to cook for ourselves”.  We have Comments Cards that clients can complete to let us know what they appreciate and what they would like to see change. “It has made a huge difference to my life” – a Nottingham client.IMG_0415

“Coming to RISE gives me something to really look forward to”





Referrals entry

August 19th, 2013


Regenerate-RISE takes referrals from Social Services, GPs, Sheltered Housing Wardens, Occupational Therapists, Hospitals and Families and our preference is for one of our Referral Forms to be completed. One of our staff will then visit the person to see whether they are suitable for our service and whether indeed the person wishes to attend. The main criteria for someone to attend Regenerate-RISE is that they are over 60 years of age and are either isolated or at risk of isolation. The only people we cannot provide a service for are those with Dementia who may wander, as we do not have a locked door policy or those who are aggressive – as we do not have trained staff to be able to assist. We welcome people with disabilities, but do not provide lifting equipment for people who need to get out of their wheelchair.

We believe very much that the integration of able-bodied with disabled people is very important as it brings an empathy and support for one another. It increases a tolerance and understanding of disabilities as well as a compassionate and caring attitude between the peer group.

Referral documents

Please download the referral form from the list below relevant to your location and send it back to the appropriate Regenerate Rise project – addresses can be found on the form itself or can be looked up on your contact page.

Right-click and ‘Save As’ to download the form or click the link to open the document and ‘Save As’ from the menu bar



Referral Form – RISE Nottingham

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August 19th, 2013

Fundraising for the Reablement Centre

Martin and Julia raised an amazing £4,173.78 following their skydive in early June.  It was a great day out and a few of us witnessed their “jump” from a plane and admired their bravery.  Not something that everyone would do!!  Well done and thank you so much.


We held our cafe on Saturday, 20 July and our members enjoy having their nails done, a three course lunch, Bingo, a raffle and meeting with friends.  We raised £275 on the day and everyone had a great day.


We are very grateful to the Putney Society for a recent  donation of £500 towards the new Centre, to the Porters Trust for £5000 and greateful to individuals who have donated recently.

The Kenilworth Courtiers recently won our Quiz of the Year 2019 – congratulations.  Tied second were the Dover House Divas and Jackie’s giants – well done and thank you to everyone who attended.  We raised an amazing £600 in one evening, which was brilliant.

The Dover House Divas, who came joint second also raised £1,224.10 at their Summer Concert – thank you so much.



If you would like to organise a fundraising event to raise money for the new Centre, please contact us.










Reablement entry

August 19th, 2013


The New RISE Reablement Centre


Regenerate-RISE is fundraising to build a 10 bed unit to enable older people to rehabilitate after staying in hospital, before being able to return home. We are planning to build this above the Platt Christian Centre in Putney and it will be a modern intermediate care centre dedicated to supporting older people to be able to live in the community. Each room will have an en suite bathroom, TV, telephone and computer access with skype for those who have relatives abroad or the other end of the country and each in-patient will be allocated a volunteer/friend who will take them out and also continue to visit them when they return home. The Centre will be staffed with professional people all who will assist older people to be able to live back in the community.  We have planning permission and our time line is as follows:

Planning Permission granted in                              June 2017

Fundraising the remaining £1,243,357                 By February 2020

Start Construction – Stage 1                                      March/April 2020

Fundraise for internal costs                                      April 2020 – January 2021

Start Internal Fixtures, Fittings and Decor           February 2021


If you would like to be a history-maker and revolutionise the care of older people, Building site 3 peopleplease help us to build this Centre by giving us a donation to make the vision become a reality. Cheques made payable to Regenerate-RISE or through Just Giving with reference RRC.  Three of our clients went to a building site to have their photos taken and are joining us with this campaign to raise the remainder of the funds.    Together we can build the future for older people in our communities.If you would like to organise a fundraising event, please contact us and

Building site Michael with hatwe will support you.  We are really looking forward to being at the forefront of care for the elderly in the future and believe that if the Reablement Centre is a success, it could be the start of many being built across the UK.



On Monday, 8 April we held our first PR event and 55 companies, organisations and individuals attended.  Please see our new DVD on the front of our website 






We are looking forward to the year ahead – if anyone would like to sponsor Julia or Martin for their sky dive on Saturday, 1 June, please email  We will also be organising a Quiz Night in June and if you would like to enter a team, please let us know.





Trustees right

August 19th, 2013

Trustees for a New Era


The Trustees continue to work hard to lead Regenerate-RISE because at the core of all that we do, is the care of the “one”.  It has been a real privilege to get to know so many people over the last 18 years, to walk their journey, to be there for them when they most needed us and to provide friendship, support, care and an excellent service.  It has been good to have the RISE SW11 clients with us in SW15 over the summer and we are very grateful to Rev Tif Ewins for getting a CIL grant to get the Centre refurbished.  It is a small team that leads RISE SW11 and we are very grateful for all their hard work in making a difference to so many peoples’ lives.

RISE Nottingham continues on a one day a week basis and we would like very much to extend that to two or three days and will be looking out for grants to make that a reality.

There will be many changes ahead with our funding from Wandsworth Council and we are working together to provide services in the years ahead.  Our Reablement Centre is moving forward with fundraising and we are very much looking forward to integrating health, social care and the voluntary sector in this new project, which we anticipate will reach thousands of people over many years ahead.

We look forward to working together to find new ways of celebrating old age and as we work in partnership with local Churches, organisations, the Council and the health authorities we hope that the lives of many older people will be transformed.


Mo Smith MBE, FRSA 

Founder and Chair of Trustees